Monday, November 18, 2013

Glass Half Empty

I am your basic pessimist.  I always worry about the worst case scenario, however unlikely that worst case may be.  Not only that, but I tend to see the glass half empty with no way to EVER fill it up again.  It's bad.

I'm not sure why I tend to be this way, despite the fact that many, many times, things work out better than I could have ever imagined.  I also don't know why I am continually surprised and dismayed when nothing goes according to plan, which I would estimate happens at least 50% of the time in life.  If I am consistently imagining failure, why does it surprise me if something doesn't work like it should the first time?  Ah...perhaps that is my control freak nature rearing its ugly head into the mix.

I've got issues.

In any case, the power did not go out last night.  The tree house did not come crashing down as I dreamed it did the previous night.  It rained, it blew, the weather became cooler, but everything was JUST FINE.

I was so pleased this morning to have avoided the 3 AM call to the power company to report an electrical outage.  I was happy to be able to shower, and make coffee, and exercise on the elliptical as anticipated.  It was lovely to have lunches made and clothes picked out, and things ready so that JP and the girls could leave a few minutes earlier than normal.

Of course, this afternoon, when I went to the grocery store to buy cupcakes for J to take in to her class today, I almost fell over!  At $4.99 for 6 cupcakes, I would end up spending $30 on her class of 26!  When I broke the news to J, she pouted and told me just to forget it...ends up she was afraid I would bake whole wheat cupcakes and embarass her to no end.  This evening I baked "Easy Yellow Cupcakes" from the America's Test Kitchen cookbook.  I must say that they are some of the better cupcakes I have ever had!  Hope the 5th graders appreciate them!

Perhaps the biggest issue is that I'm a poor planner, but a great worrier.  So how to change my outlook on life?  One word...THERAPY.  I haven't had a chance to plan that into my schedule lately, and in any case, I would end up being there FOREVER to work through all my issues, and the Holidays are coming up, and my well is still half empty.

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Kimberly Long Cockroft said...

Ha! I am a great optimist and a poor planner! Maybe that's why we got along so well!!!! :) Reward yourself often, punish yourself less. I am doing well on the rewards and keeping on the pounds that correlate with the rewards. . .but I also punish when it comes to chronic downfalls, like losing my temper with my middle child. No rewards deserved there, I think. Then again, I'm not sure punishing myself actually makes me any better. I'm so glad your power did not go out, though you've got the edge on banana-bread baked on the wood stove! xoxoxo