Thursday, November 7, 2013

From Tiny Acorns...

While on my daily walk a couple of winters ago, I discovered a big oak tree fallen in the woods.  (You can re-read about it here.)  The girls and I counted the rings and discovered that it was at least 74 years old.

It is wood from this tree that our Murphy bed is built from, by the way.

Last Spring, while on another walk, the dogs and I found an even BIGGER one fallen in the woods below my parents' house.  My Dad cut it into manageable pieces, most of which will be used to heat our house this winter, as a huge section of it was hollow.  There is one large piece that he plans to cut boards out of, that measures 41 inches by 31 inches across.  He reports that the tractor was working pretty hard to pull it up the hill!

The girls and I counted the rings on that one in the dimming light last evening.  (They got home late from school as the school bus broke down less than a mile up the road!)  Using a magnifier for the very inner rings, we counted 127!  This big tree was just a tiny sapling in the woods back in 1886.

Meanwhile, we had a wicked crazy wind storm on Halloween night.  A friend in town told me that it picked up their giant trampoline, and set it down about 100 feet away on top of their car!  It seemed to cut a path through the woods North of our barn, breaking off tree tops on its way. 

While I was exploring the wind damage over the weekend, I found yet another oak tree broken off in the woods.  This one is the HUGEST one yet.  The entire bottom section is hollow and/or twisted and broken, so I'm not sure that we will be able to count rings on this one, but I will keep you posted!


Kimberly Long Cockroft said...

Wow! In an upscale shop the other day, I saw this gorgeous table made out of a gorgeous, polished cross-section of a tree like that one. Do you think you could do that with that one tree? It would be a beeeaaauutiful coffee table!

What a wild wind! Was it part of a storm?

Country Girl said...

We were hoping to make a table from a section of the first tree, but every time my Dad cut a cross section, it would split. We may try again with this one. We got a bit of rain with the storm, but not a huge amount...weird.