Thursday, October 31, 2013

Remains of the Day

It didn't take long for the dogs to sniff out the pile of left-over parts from the deer that my parents harvested over the weekend.  They were unattended for only a few minutes, and came loping home with huge grins on their faces, bodies smeared with greenish, foul-smelling muck.  I wasn't planning on giving the dogs baths last night, but we all agreed that it was mandatory!

We had no water Tuesday night.  After the girls got their baths and I had finished smearing pumpkin slime all over the kitchen counter and floor (from hollowing them out for Jack-O-Lanterns), a mere trickle of water dribbled from the kitchen spigot.  JP went out to the water station twice and emptied 400 gallons of water into the cistern, but we still did not have running water when we went to bed.

Luckily, the pipes and pressure tank filled over night, and we had water for showers and cleaning up petrified pumpkin slime yesterday.  Good thing the dogs didn't discover their "goodies" one night earlier!  Dad made several trips to the water station yesterday, and our cistern has been refilled.  I think it lasts both our households about 5-7 days, so we will have to keep hauling water until the Well Man can enlighten us on the problem with the well.

We borrowed the porta-potty from the tree house over night while the water was out.  When I returned it yesterday, I discovered cobwebs in all the corners and dead minions on the window sills.  I dusted, swept and aired it out, and shook out the rugs and blankets.  Now it's neat and tidy and ready for hunting season the Monday after Thanksgiving!

This morning, I tackled the van, which has been smelling suspiciously of sweaty soccer socks and stale french fries.  After basically living in it for the past 10 weeks, this is not surprising.  I vacuumed, polished and febreezed every nook and cranny, and while it doesn't have that "new car"smell back, it does smell much more fresh!

Today I am FINALLY going to Physical Therapy for them to work on my back, which is still painful more than a week after I injured it.  In addition, I have an emergency appointment scheduled for J at the Orthodontist.  Part of her hardware is dangling and dangerous!  After all of that, we have Trick-or-Treating this evening.

The final remains this day, will happen when JP & I "inspect" the girls' treat bags, and remove anything that we "don't approve of" to dispose of in any manner we desire...hint, hint, nudge, nudge, say no more.

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