Monday, October 14, 2013

Pink Week

I've gone pink this week for Breast Cancer awareness month.  Medical Alert:  Get your mammogram.  Do your breast self exams.  Don't wait if you're worried about your medical provider.  I raise my glass to my friends, N1 and N2, who fought and are fighting this disease.

We are coming off a long weekend.  One in which we declined to participate in soccer practice or music lessons on our days off from school.  It was wonderful!  This is not to say that we were not busy, as we certainly were, but we also took time for fun stuff!

On Thursday, a friend came for the day, and all of the girls joined a bunch of their friends to play 4 Square while I attended Parent-Teacher conferences.  Later, we baked cake pops (which we decorated as eye-balls on a stick,) wove rubber band bracelets, and the girls recorded another short film.

Friday was a rainy day, so the girls and I drove up to the city and visited the Science Center.  I thought I could overcome my fear of heights and try the climbing wall with L.  When I got 16 feet up the wall (barely over half way), my knees were shaking so badly that I couldn't hold on to the footholds, and cautiously rappelled back down.  We watched an Omnimax movie about the migration of monarchs - it was fabulous!  From the (very dirty) windows upstairs, we could see a giant rubber ducky floating on the river!

Saturday, the dogs FINALLY got haircuts.  Their hair was so long that Stella was looking sheep dog-ish with hair over her eyes.  Of course, after the hair cuts, they had to get baths and get their bedding washed...whew!  Thankfully, the shower in our Master Bath is now functional again, after the contractors spent an hour or so re-grouting and re-fitting tile, and I spent another 2 hours sealing all the grout and re-fitting the door.  Both dogs showered with me, which made it super easy!

Saturday evening we went out to our (new) favorite Indian restaurant with Mom & Dad to celebrate JP's birthday.  A group from a local Synagogue was also there celebrating something, and therefore our service was S-L-O-W.  During a lull in the surrounding hub-bub, J noted (quite loudly) "They're wearing Jew hats."  Afterwards, we came home for 5 Flavor Pound Cake, ice cream and presents.

Sunday was soccer day again.  Both girls tied their games.  This was J's last home game of the season, so I brought Mom along with me to watch it.

And now, we are back to Monday.  School.  Piano lessons.  House cleaning.  Rain.  The only excitement of the day was the beautiful drive that I took out to the orchard to get 2 1/2 bushels of apples for sauce.  They are cooling in the basement, waiting for Wednesday when I should have time to cook up my secret recipe of "Mommy Sauce."  Tomorrow I must head back to work...sigh.

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Kimberly and Martin Cockroft said...

Oh, man! Sorry to miss the annual apple trip!

We've got tons from our tree in the backyard just sitting outside the sliding glass door. I need to get inspired :).