Monday, October 7, 2013

Little Known Facts

1.  The average human produces between 1 and 2 liters of saliva daily.  That could explain why J slurped so much right after having her expander put in.  She is doing SO much better now - started eating "real" food again on Friday, slurping less frequently, and no longer screaming each time I tighten it.  We are over half way through the treatments with this thing, and with another appointment scheduled next Monday, we are hoping it will be out soon!

2.  Vermont is actually named after the Green Mountains ("les verts monts" in French.)  This is just to prove that old people can actually still learn new things.

3.  Men stop caring about how they look at age 46.  Today is JP's birthday...want to guess how old he is?  I'm hoping he spends a few more years before he grows the dreads and Z Z Top beard and stops showering!  (Here is the article, should you be interested!)  Ah, well...I think I'd love him even if he turned grungy!

4.  Magic Erasers actually have magic in them.  This is true...I've tested it myself!  It has now been more than 6 weeks since we have used the shower in our Master Bath.  We had some problems with leaking, cracking grout, and buckling tiles.  It took the first 3 weeks to get in touch with some one to look at it, and then then next 3 to get them to fix it.  In the meantime, I was supposed to clean the minerals from our super hard water out of the grout.  I honestly gave up on trying to keep it clean months ago, so it was looking pretty bad, but even after scrubbing it with a tooth brush and Lime-Away for almost 2 hours, it didn't look much better.  I worked on it with plain old soap and water and a scrub brush for another hour...still bad.  Today, with 30 minute's notice that they were on their way to fix it, I used up 2 whole Magic Erasers, and it looks pretty doggone good!

5.  Grass seeds have a better chance of germinating if you actually water them.  I know, I know, this is no surprise!  Unfortunately, since I did my landscaping around the pool, it has been hot and dry - probably the hottest and driest it's been all year!  I dragged out the sprinkler and watered 2 or 3 times, but somehow forgot to water what I planted in the front yard.  By Saturday, there were a few sprigs of green coming up every place but there.  After our down pour this morning, things are super green...even out front!

Just look at all that GREEN!

6.  I actually enjoyed soccer yesterday!  It was a really warm day, but the breeze blew through during L's game several times and sent great drifts of leaves spinning through the air like a flock of butterflies.  J and her teammates ran their little hind ends off in their game, but J was in the right place at the right time to kick a goal - no small feat, when their competition is a fierce as theirs has been!

7.  Breaking a mirror does not apparently cause 7 years of bad luck.  (Unless of course, there is some delay in the bad luck starting.)  I dropped my compact this morning, and the mirror shattered.  I was a bit nervous, since I had my big meeting with the CEO and Director today to discuss the fate of my employment.  Not only did they not downsize me out of a job, they asked me to work MORE hours!  Doesn't seem like there is any bad luck emanating out of my compact (although I'm keeping it closed...just in case.)

The day was pretty gorgeous too, broken mirror or not!

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Kimberly and Martin Cockroft said...

Wow, wow. So beautiful.

Good news about your job! Excellent. And a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JP!!! Wish we were around to help celebrate. I will save a Malbec for next time.