Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Hour

My posts are few and far between this Fall.  That is partly because I am not spending hours and hours every day at the computer doing Cyber School, and partly because we are so goldurn busy!  We are supposed to be at soccer practice 5 days a week, music lessons 2 days a week, and games on Sundays.  There aren't enough days each week to fit it all in!  We are doing the best we can, and while it isn't optimal (we are eating a lot of Wendy's salads for dinner lately,) it's working pretty well.  I have my weekly calendar color coded with every place we are supposed to be and at what times.  So far, we have not been more than a couple of minutes late for anything.

By the end of the week, I am ready for my own little Happy sit back and relax and sip a glass of wine.  So far we have lucked out enough to have the Saturday AM soccer practice cancelled.  Thankfully, Sundays are fairly mild...sit and watch a soccer game for a couple of hours...and we try to keep it low key at home. Since I have some time off during most days, I am not feeling so stressed about being gone in the evenings.

This weekend, I tried to make a point of helping my Mom get some of her outside projects finished up.  Unfortunately, I didn't have as much time to give her as I'd hoped, but we made some progress on her flower beds.  Yesterday at dark was our deadline, since we left in the wee hours of the morning today for the Hospital in the next town. 

Mom was scheduled today for a laminectomy and fusion of 3 vertebrae in her neck.  She has been having worsening symptoms of unsteady gait, poor balance, and numbness and decreased grip in her hands for more than a year.  Early this summer, she was finally diagnosed with pretty significant narrowing of the spine in her neck, causing compression of her spinal cord.  In the process of her pre-operative blood work, she was found to have a mild form of a genetic clotting disorder (at age 70...go figure!)

In any case, I spent 7 or 8 hours in various waiting rooms at the Hospital today.  I ate breakfast and lunch in their very nice cafeteria.  I almost finished a book.  I did some continuing education tests.  I made a few phone calls.

After Mom was admitted to her room, I went up and got her settled.  Since she was still so groggy that she could hardly stay awake, I left her in the capable hands of the nursing staff and buzzed off to Target before heading home.

I arrived at my friend's house just a few minutes before the girls were due to arrive on the bus, then I whisked them off to the Orthodontist for J to get her spacers in.  Once home, we got snacks, homework, dog and poultry tending taken care of, then drove in to town for piano.

Tonight, I am exhausted...mostly because I slept poorly and rose too early.  It was actually quite a treat to sit for hours and read a book, and to stroll through Target without whining or begging going on...a different sort of Happy Hour.  Yes, today was full.  Yes, for a few moments there I felt like I was running in circles and getting no where.  But we managed to accomplish all of the important things today, including sitting together to read a chapter of "Going Solo" by Roald Dahl.

Knowing that Mom is doing well, and that we've successfully navigated another busy day is enough to allow me to sleep some happy hours tonight.

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