Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Week of School - Check

The girls had a fabulous first week of school, although L reports that she had a substitute teacher for 3 out of the first 5 days.  Getting out of bed earlier than ever before is still a stumbling block for L. Hopefully we can overcome that in the next few weeks.  The transition has gone a lot smoother than I imagined, even when factoring in soccer practice Tuesday through Friday afternoons.  That's the way I roll though...a lot of anxiety in anticipating something, then I feel mild surprise once it has gone the way everyone else thought it would. 

Meanwhile, I am starting to see what it will be like to have the girls away at school all day.  I miss them, no doubt.  At the same time,  I am kind of enjoying the opportunity to work on projects during the day which used to begin after the girls went to bed at 9 PM and frequently lasted into the wee hours of the morning.

One of the projects that I worked on last week was canning peaches.  With just over a bushel to start with, I ended up with 19 quarts canned, and 2 containers in the freezer.  I used the the last few peaches yesterday to bake a pie...possibly the prettiest pie I've ever baked!

We had the opportunity to finish up our first week at school with a long weekend for Labor Day...hooray!

The girls spent Saturday with a friend, and had a sleep-over.  JP did his normal 3 hours of mowing, then got out the tractor and brush hog for another hour or two mowing the fields.  I painted most of the exposed wood on the roofs of the barn and garage lean-tos.

We took a break on Sunday to visit Meadowcroft with friends.  The kids threw the Atlatl and a Tomahawk, went to school, and overall wore themselves out.  We finished the day with ice cream at the Spring House.  We returned home filthy and exhausted...not a bad way to end a fun day!

Yesterday we grilled chicken and ate with my parents.  JP and I did some organizing and cleaning, while the girls watched "The Magic Flute" (excellently done for film in English by Kenneth Branagh.)  We ended the day with a thunder storm.  The storm passed, the sky cleared, and the sun came out for a gorgeous double rainbow, just in time to set in a spectacular show of color.

This morning, the JP took the girls to school, and then went to his office to begin packing for his big move.  He is moving to another location, where he will actually have a window in his office!  I intend to join him shortly to help out before I head to work myself.  That means I actually need to get moving...

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