Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Come on in, the water's fine!

It might be a tad chilly, but it's crystal clear, and in a quiet, private, for one day only - NO screaming children!

So...we honored our promise made to the girls 2 years ago:  when you are good swimmers, we will get a pool at our house.  Initially we wanted something that we could swim laps in, but we finally narrowed it down by the following criteria:

1.  Rectangular inground pools - too expensive
2.  Oval above ground pools - take up too much space and too expensive
3.  Pools > 24 feet in diameter - overkill and too expensive
4.  Pools located in the neighboring township in which our barn "lives" - requires building permit + certified electrician to check wiring - too expensive
5.  Pools on clearance after Labor Day, located behind the garage in the correct township, measuring 24 feet in diameter, and which we can pick up the supplies in order to save the $200 delivery fee - just right

After some finagling to arrange a start date, the guys arrived this morning with 2 trucks and a Bobcat to begin excavation and installation of the pool.  I am currently awaiting the truck with the final 5000 gallons of water before we call it a day.

Here's how it all went down:

Beginning the excavation...don't those look like a lot of bones on the ground?

He's just about done digging at this point.

They thoroughly tamped down the earth, then placed concrete pavers at intervals for the posts.  That's sand in the middle that they spread out under the liner.

Here they are putting the walls up around the outside.

All put together!

One of the guys had to get in and finish smoothing out the bottom of the liner while they began filling it.

And finally a word of caution: 

In other words - don't lose your head!

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Kimberly Long Cockroft said...

Yeah! I want a picture of you guys swimming in the fall!!!