Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend on the Farm

Every Saturday during this Monsoon Season  (I mean Summer), it seems to rain.  Weekends are usually times that I count on getting some work done in the garden because I have help with the girls.  Well...that was out again this Saturday.  Instead, I finished up the tree house curtains, along with a 2 foot stack of mending.

The bright panel on the door is on a magnetic
hangar, and will be put up only for privacy
and light control during sleep-overs.

The other 3 windows have little flowery
valances that hide the blinds.

I have been noticing that for the past couple of months, the chickens haven't been doing chicken-y things, like scratching in the dirt and chasing bugs.  I think it's because half of their pasture became so overgrown with tall weeds, that they got lost in the jungle and it freaked them out a bit.  JP and I have been talking about moving them (that has been our plan all along - to move their pasture about once or twice yearly.)  However, when we discussed the nuts and bolts of the move, we couldn't figure out how to make it work.  We didn't feel it was safe to move the Chicken Barge while they were in it, because it is heavy enough that we have to pull it with the tractor or ATV.  Since there is no floor in it, we didn't think that the chickens would be able to safely keep up on foot.  We've already learned that there is no easy way to herd chickens.

Plan B was to shut the hens in the Chicken Barge at night, then move the fence and mow before letting them back out.  We also wanted to move the pullets closer to start integrating them with the hens. Unfortunately, I forgot to close them in last night.  The girls and I threw some corn for them right in front of the door to the Barge, then slowly closed in behind them until they all jumped inside and we closed the door.  All but one...we had to chase her down in the armpit high weeds.

The hens (background) will have no choice
but to get used to having the pullets
(foreground) around.

All 4 of us worked together to take down the electric fence, move it so JP could mow, and then replace it.  We fashioned a partition of deer netting so that the pullets could have a small pasture as well for the first time.  All the fowl seemed to enjoy their afternoon of scratching in the shorter grass. 

The pullets out to pasture.  The little white rooster,
(front right) is all healed up from his neck wound.

JP helped me finish mowing the garden paths, and I got the Fall peas planted.  I hope we actually get to enjoy them this year!  Some day, I hope to replant lettuce, spinach and radishes for a Fall crop as well.  I guess I should pick the beans again one of these days too...sigh.

There are never enough hours in a weekend, but we made the most of the fresh air and sunshine on the farm today!

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