Friday, August 16, 2013


Yesterday, I took the girls out to our favorite park for their last day of Pioneer Camp.  J attended a couple of summers ago with 2 of her BFs, and L has been anxiously awaiting the year that she was old enough to attend. 

Girls in their Pioneer gear, summer 2010
The girls and I LOVE this park.  It is a gem, hidden away in the next county, with miles and miles of rolling green hills, huge shading trees, and a crystal clear creek running through the middle.  There are fun playgrounds tucked away behind a curve in the road, and winding paths meandering throughout it all.  I would have loved to wander some of those paths this week while the girls were doing their thing at camp, instead, I drove over 300 miles dropping off and picking up, but I did accomplish a few things here at home.

I am beginning to feel a bit nostalgic about "Our Park."  We used to attend monthly Homeschool Outdoor Classroom sessions during the school year, and we will greatly miss these.  I leafed through the booklet of park educational sessions the other night, searching for things that I could still do without the kids.

The girls have chosen to skip their last day of camp today, in order to attend the Grand Summer Program Finale at our local Public Library.  It too is a gem, right here in our town.  It was in this grand old mansion, bequeathed to the city to be used as a Children's Library by a well-to-do widow, that J and I made our first acquaintances when we were new in this town.  We have visited nearly weekly for 10 years, and this place is very dear to my heart.  That is the reason that I submitted my name to the search committee almost 2 years ago when they were looking for another Board of Trustee Member.  I have sat on the Board for a year and a half, and am certain that my bond with this facility will not soon end.

Summer is drawing to a close, and I am feeling endings very acutely this year.  The school year will be very different for us this year, with both of my children heading off to Public School.  We are all ready to go...finished the back-to-school shopping yesterday afternoon. The soccer season is already upon us...J had her first practice last night.  The whirlwind that was summer vacation, is whirling right into Fall, with all of its activities.

I must remember to breathe.

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