Sunday, August 11, 2013


We spent most of this afternoon rearranging the downstairs.

My Dad finished building and finishing the companion shelving units for the Murphy bed, so he and JP installed them.  The wood for the doors is from an oak tree that fell a couple of winters back.  Isn't this an amazing furniture set?

We moved the big dresser into the girls' room, and moved the smaller of their dressers  to the storage room.  Both girls had to move and re-organize their clothes.

The eliptical moved into its rightful spot in the Exercise/Guest Room, along with the cedar chest.

L's keyboard is now under a window for a more pleasant practicing location, and there is so much open space in the Family Room now!

The dishes still need washing, and it's late, late, late.

Tomorrow starts Pioneer Camp for the girls, but poor L is running a fever, and is headachey and snotty, so she will not get to attend the first day.

2 weeks and counting until school starts!

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