Sunday, August 11, 2013


I spent several hours in the garden on Saturday, just trying to get caught up.  The girls joined me for awhile.  I got the rest of the beans weeded, along with a couple of the beds.

We picked beans, most of which haven't been picked for a couple of weeks, so they went to the chickens.  We also picked Horticulture Beans for the first time.  I spent several hours shelling them, and they are lovely - pink and white.

The deer somehow managed to get into the garden!  They have eaten off the tops of the strawberries and carrots, and razed a path down the middle of the bean field.  I pulled several of the carrots which didn't seem to have leaves remaining.  We've never gotten carrots this big before!

The onions appeared to be dying back, with all of the leaves lying on the ground.  We pulled all of those too, some of which need some trimming to be usable.

We got some cucumbers, the first few grape tomatoes, and summer squash.  I was pretty amazed at the buckets and baskets of produce that we hauled back up to the house!


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