Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pretty in Pink

While the girls were in school yesterday, I spent several hours giving some much needed attention to the garden.  I accomplished more than I had hoped, which is a great feeling!

The deer have recently managed to get into the garden, and have completely mowed down my beans, strawberries and carrots.  Lately they have been nibbling on peppers, squash, and broccoli as well, and apparently pulled a couple of small onions out by their tops.  When I found hoof prints in my beds of tiny pea plants, it was the last straw.  JP and I got our hunting licenses yesterday in our plan for revenge.

I'm not too upset about the beans, seeing as how Mom and I have already gotten what we need from them for the winter.  The strawberries will bounce back, I hope.  The carrots, however, needed to be harvested.  With no more leaves, they will start to decompose.  I dug them all yesterday, which amounted to over 17 lbs worth!  They are not all lovely carrots, but they are organic and free, so we will enjoy them while they last.

I also harvested this lovely basket of veggies the other day, which included a honeydew melon that L grew.

My last garden project yesterday was to try to make it deer-proof again.  I re-strung wire around the fence posts about 18-24 inches above the deer netting.  I also tied pink ribbons on the wire so that they will blow about in the breezes and hopefully startle the deer.  I have not yet checked to see whether my efforts have paid off.
Can you see the pink ribbons fluttering about?

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