Saturday, August 3, 2013

One Last Trip to Idlewild

We squeezed in our yearly trip to Idlewild last week.  It was overcast and cool, and because of this, the park was nearly empty.  We got dripped on (but not rained on) a couple of times, and the sun broke through around 3:30 when we were getting ready to head home.

I think this might be our last yearly Idlewild trip.  After 8 years, the girls are outgrowing it.  (For pictures of the first 6 years, see this post.)

We had a fabulous time, and rode some rides that we hadn't been on before.  L is FINALLY tall enough to go on anything.  We discovered that L loves roller coasters, and J really doesn't care for them.  Good to know.

So...another fun summer trip to add to the memory bank for Summer 2013!

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