Tuesday, July 9, 2013


My garden grew by leaps and bounds in the week that we were on vacation.  I returned to find all of this lovely broccoli ready to harvest.  That is a first...no broccoli to speak of in years past!

On Sunday, J brought in this itty bitty egg, just a tad larger than a robin egg.  (And no, it's not from the pullets yet!)

Speaking of the pullets, they are almost completely feathered out at this point.  Not surprisingly, they are all different looking!  3 of them look exactly like our Barred Rock hens.  Two of them are completely black - legs, beaks, eyes and all.  I guess that there is a Black Wyandotte variety that looks similar, so we'll have to wait and see if they develop the rose comb of a Wyandotte. 

Of the two white chicks, one is already obviously a cockerel, and the other has a single black feather on its back.

There is no end to the interesting things we find around here!

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