Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer on the Ridge

Our summer has been so frightfully busy that I have been worried that I haven't accomplished enough of those important Summertime activities with the girls.  I'm probably more cognizant of it all than most summers because I am realizing that I will be seeing much less of the girls come Fall since they will both be away at school for the first time.

Thinking back, though, this busy summer hasn't been all a total wash.  Here's a list of some of the fun things we've done already:

 - Had cookouts or potlucks at the house with LOTS of people at least 4 or 5 times
 - Spent a week with old friends
 - Spent a week at the beach
 - L learned to ride her bike without training wheels
 - Afternoon at the pool
 - Day at the Museum
 - Day at the Zoo
 - water play at home in the kiddie pool and Kid Wash
 - Library Day Camp
 - Basketball Camp
 - Vacation Bible School
 - Watched Peeps hatch

Of course, we still have the Doctor & Dentist appointments, Vet appointments, and vehicle repairs to catch up on, and now Orthodontist appointments to attend.  The garden and flower beds need upkeep, and the chickens need constant care. The birds and butterflies need to be fed.  The laundry continues to get dirty, as does the house.  We've done all that too.

Here are a few pics of some Summertime stuff on Poplar Ridge.

Tiger Swallowtails on my Butterfly Bushes!

Corn on the Cob from the garden!
Uncle Noah found a snake.

A huge storm rolls in over the barn.

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