Monday, July 15, 2013

Rough Nights

We had friends over Saturday evening for dinner. They stayed late to watch a movie with us, and spent the night. The older 4 children wanted to sleep in the tree house, but we are having typical summer weather lately: hot and HUMID! Although it cooled off after the sun went down, and we opened up the windows of the tree house - with 4 kids just BREATHING in there, it was hotter than Hades inside. One child made it until about 10:45, and then he came in to recover in the air conditioning. L made it until 2 AM, when she wandered in with her tiny flashlight, and the 2 oldest lasted until 6:30 or made for some grumpy kids on Sunday afternoon - at least in our house!

We discovered on Sunday morning, that the pullets had an even worse night in the Egg Cart'n. One of the white pullets was attacked by something that tore the skin and feathers off his neck. No predator could possibly get into their enclosure except for a weasel, so we are assuming that it was something larger (cat, raccoon, possum?) that reached in through the wire. He seems perfectly fine now. He eats, drinks, and acts like a normal chicken, but looks awful. I sprayed him with my magic Vetricyn spray last night. I'm hoping he heals up well like the hens did, and doesn't end up with some kind of nasty infection!

This picture makes it easy to see why we are
convinced that the injured pullet is our
tiny rooster.

I must go back though, to our Saturday evening get together, and mention something amazing. JP and I were running behind on Saturday - JP was having trouble with the mower, and it took me longer to get everything done than I had planned. In any case, we were making great headway in the kitchen, although dinner wasn't quite ready at the intended time. Our friends showed up and we were still unshowered, and in our dirty clothes - sweaty and nasty. The girls' bedroom was a mess, as I had stripped their beds, but hadn't remade them. Bless them, our friends are beautiful people, and didn't mind, but this is BIG TIME for me.

It used to be that I would have to clean the house before we would have any company. Everything would be done beforehand, and despite the stress and nerves ahead of time, when visitors arrived, I would be clean and pressed and everything would be in order. I started discovering, especially after having kids, that it wasn't necessary, and sometimes not even reasonable to do this EVERY time before having people over. I started letting things slide. It has finally gotten to the point that if things are somewhat orderly before my friends arrive, and the food is pretty close to being taken care of, I'm good. Sometimes I haven't managed to brush my teeth or put on make-up, but I have NEVER been so dirty while entertaining before!

You know what? It did not lessen in any way the enjoyment we had spending time with our dear friends this weekend. It also gives you an idea of how wonderful our group of friends is, and how painful it is to see them leave our little town.

I'm pretty proud of myself that I could entertain without feeling completely guilty and inadequate about the state of my home or my personal hygiene (or lack thereof!) I've come a long therapist would be amazed!

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Anonymous said...

Here's to dirty women in dirty houses! More power to you!!!