Friday, July 26, 2013

J and her BFFs

It has been rough on all of - the turmoil and changes in the past year.  3 families of our best friends have left our little town, leaving it that much less shiny and fun.  Not only are these folks good people, but they were/are fun to be with, and have children the same ages as ours.

J's group of friends, "The Fab Four", spent many an hour over the past several years playing an assortment of games, and discussing all manner of personal girl things.  We had a reunion of sorts this summer, as one family returned for a visit, about a month before another family left for good.  The Fab Four spent the entire week together, and had a FAB time.

I mourn the loss of these friends for my growing daughter.  She is just entering her adolescence and having to forge new friendships to make it through.  I don't know the parents of these girls, maybe they are great people's just a bit overwhelming all around.  

J has dealt with it by writing a book.  She secluded herself away for about 3 days, then read us her novella, complete with illustrations.

We watched "Stand By Me" recently during a downpour.  At the end of the movie, the main character finishes typing the story of his friendships during the summer of his 12th year.  He writes, "I've never had other friendships like those I had the summer when I was 12."  So true.  And goes on, it must.  This pain will lessen, and good things will come again.

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Kimberly Long Cockroft said...

How great that she wrote a book! Wonderful job. This is how all writers remember, and celebrate, and keep the most precious things in this life. Lovely.