Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bob & Ben Go to The Big City

The girls attended their first day of the Library Summer Program yesterday.  As always, they had a great time.  They came home with hollowed out potato-faces with radishes planted for hair, a worm farm, and little gnomes, who are meant to accompany them on adventures this summer.  Our family's gnome is named Ben, our friend C named her gnome Bob.

Bob and Ben travelled with us to the Big City today to visit the Natural History Museum.  This was a first not only for the gnomes, but for C as well.

First, Bob & Ben discovered the Dinos

Bob & Ben met a Grizzly Bear!

The gnomes found some mushrooms that
they thought might be nice to live in.
They rode in a boat, and were the only
ones who didn't get seasick.

Bob & Ben discovered a playground just their size.
The girls were sad that they couldn't play there!

They cooled off in a fountain.

The gnomes had a chat with some parakeets.

Finally, Bob & Ben ate some ice cream
before heading home.

 I think that everyone, gnomes included, had a fun day in the City!

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