Monday, June 24, 2013

The End

This afternoon I finally made myself go downstairs and pack up all of the Cyber School materials to send back.  I've already received 3 phone calls about returning the computer (which was up in the attic in the original boxes, still unopened), even though school officially ended just 10 days ago.  I finally made myself this deadline, because tomorrow morning I will be in the area of town where the UPS drop off is during their very limited open hours.  I put it off as long as I could, puttering around the house, watching the chicks for a while, reading to the girls.

It was a really hard task to do,  both physically (I packed up 8 boxes of stuff) and emotionally.  I got teary many times.  It felt like I was packing up my things to leave my job.  A job that was both wonderful and terribly frustrating, that was challenging yet simple, that has been my main focus for the past 5 years.  The books I packed were old friends, having read them with both girls for first and second grade.  I packed up inflatable globes (uninflated), CDs, DVDs, song books, art prints, and Math manipulatives.  Surprisingly, I didn't feel even a smidgen of relief to be packing these things up.  With all the hard moments, and tears, and tender times, and excitement of learning, it is a journey that I am SO glad that I took with my girls, even though I was initially hesitant.

The arrival of J's Cyber School supplies,
summer of 2008
The relief came tonight as I loaded all 8 boxes into the back of our incredibly dusty van.  I'm glad that task is over with.  It will be bittersweet sending both my girls off to school next Fall, and such a HUGE change for me.  I can't even imagine what life will be like.

Now it is time to celebrate summer, and the opportunity to teach my girls in the garden, in the kitchen, and to spend many hours snuggled together on the sofa reading wonderful books.

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