Tuesday, June 4, 2013

No Showers Again!

The girls took a lengthy shower together tonight, while I picked strawberries in the dimming light.  Most of their showers are lengthy, as they find the acoustics in the stall great for singing, plus they fight over who gets to use the hand held shower head.

When I returned, hands red and sticky, they were snuggled up on the couch with JP, listening to the final paragraph of Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.  I turned on the water to wash my hands, and a fine trickle of water dribbled out.

Perfect.  Another summer of hauling water?  Sigh.

We tucked the girls into bed, then started a team effort to regain water - because you never miss it as much as when you don't have it! 

Old Bessie was filled with a most of a load of wood mulch that I didn't get around to putting on the flower beds over the weekend (although I did get them weeded.)  JP backed her up to my flower bed, while I found a giant tarp.  Then we both shoveled mulch on to the tarp until Bessie was empty again.  At the same time, my Dad came over to repair the Water Buffalo, which blew out of the lean-to one windy day over the winter and sustained some minor damage.  Then he assessed the well situation, and (we're just guessing here) it doesn't appear that the well is dry, but that the pump is damaged...perhaps because of the half a dozen or more brown outs in the past week and a half.  Finally, I scrounged up a handful of quarters, and JP headed out to the potable water station at quarter to ten at night.

He has returned now, and it takes a while to empty all 200 gallons into the cistern.  I think he plans to return for a second load yet tonight.  In the morning, I will need to call our Well Man to check the situation.  Dad will probably need to make another couple of runs for water.

Well, at least we'll get showers tonight.  For now though, I need to rustle up a few more quarters!

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