Monday, June 3, 2013

Mama Hen Update #8 - A Chick of a Different Color

This morning, Mama had 6 chicks with her, and another egg with a pip.  One of the chicks is definitely from a Golden Comet hen, since he is a little puffy, yellow fellow.

We candled the suspicious egg again, and still no change.  We also gave it the good old sniff test, and were definitely getting a whiff of something stinky.  That egg is WAY out in the woods now.

The egg with a pip hasn't changed since this morning, but the chick is still tapping away in there.  That leaves one egg to go!

Hopefully we will actually catch one while it is hatching so we can watch!

Catt and J brainstormed this afternoon, and came up with a hatching chick Haiku:

Pipping, zipping out.
Playing around and about.
Fluffy little chick.

Much nicer, I think, than the one I wrote about our chicks last year:

Now just balls of fluff
Scampering, peeping, scratching
Soon to be my soup.

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Kimberly Long Cockroft said...


Love these photos. I'm so glad you've got some new little ones there on Poplar Ridge. . .love the story of you getting up early to find the sweet little black chick peeking out.