Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mama Hen Update #6 - One Baby!

Early yesterday afternoon, I noticed that one of the eggs had a small hole cracked in it.  I thought we were FINALLY going to get some chicks!  I checked it every hour or so, and nothing changed.  After dinner, the hole appeared a tiny bit bigger, and we could hear cheeping and tapping from inside the egg!

There was no change late last night before bed, so I worried that something was wrong.  After all, it had already been almost 12 hours without the chick coming out of the egg!  Unfortunately, I chose to look up on the Internet about helping a chick to hatch.  As you can imagine, the comments I read (everyone's an expert) ranged from taking the eggs to a vet, to never NEVER helping a bird hatch, to help after 12 hours or 24 hours or 48 hours.  NOT HELPFUL!

I woke with a start at 6 AM this morning when the power flashed off and on again.  (JP's CPAP machine beeps when it's turned off...wakes me every time.)  I couldn't possibly get back to sleep, even though sleeping in on weekends is one of the highlights of my week.

I snuck out to the Baby Hotel and heard tiny peeps along with Mama's disgruntled clucking!  One adorable, fluffy black little chick was peering out from under Mama's wing. 

Yay!  One down, 8 to go!

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