Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lack of Sleep and a Long To-Do List

The girls had trouble sleeping last night.  They watched a (stupid) movie, which combined with the funeral we attended yesterday, freaked them out.  The movie was "Clue", based on the board game of the same name, which is one of their favorites.  You know - Miss Scarlet comitted the crime in the Ballroom with the wrench.

They were in and out of their own beds, sleeping bags in our room, and our bed.  I was in and out of my bed and L's bed (with and without her in it), and not much sleeping occurred for anyone.  Consequently, today it has been exceedingly difficult to accomplish anything.

I did go out to the garden with my Mom first thing.  I brought in spinach, lettuce, peas and strawberries.

I decided to see what would happen if I let the peeps down stairs in the Egg Cart'n today.  They all managed to get down and seemed to have a wonderful time scratching, pecking and taking dirt baths.  Hopefully they will be able to get back up this evening!

Fantine has moved back into the Chicken Barge with the other hens.  I have been ambushing the hens at night when they are all roosting and spraying them on their wounds and naked parts with Vetericyn.  They are starting to grow new feathers, and the wounds are healing up.

Right now I am supposed to be storing up water in all the 5 gallon buckets that I can find.  There is some kind of crazy storm, called a "derecho" coming through tomorrow, with hail and damaging winds.  I have no doubts that we will lose our power.

I also should get some cleaning done and make up beds for our guests coming this weekend.

But first, let me close with this picture of my potted flower arrangement for this year.  I like the cheerful orange and purple!

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