Monday, May 6, 2013

To Lime or Not to Lime...

With my Mom's help, I FINALLY finished digging all of the sorrel out of the bottom of the garden this weekend.  We essentially dug every square inch of that area (50 ft x 10 ft) with hand trowels and sorted out all of the weeds, rocks, and tenacious, spreading roots of that nasty sorrel. 

JP dumped 2 tractor buckets full of mushroom manure (aged horse poo, mostly), which we then spread around that whole area.  My intentions were then to spread lime, and allow JP or my Dad (they can fight over who will get that pleasure) to till it in with the roto-tiller.  I went on line first, however, to get an idea of how much lime to use.  That's when I saw the links with warnings not to use lime and fertilizer together.  Apparently together the two can form ammonia gas.  I got varying information from each site I visited.  Finally, I had to ask much of what is on the Internet should I believe?

What did I do?  I put the lime out there, of course.  I rarely follow directions.  Both the manure and the lime were dry, and the lime is pelletized for slow release, so I really don't think it's going to make too much of a difference.  I promise that I will report if I did the wrong thing.

After all that, I mowed the garden paths.  It looks so nice out there right now!

Garden Report:  We still have beans, and more corn to plant (in a couple of weeks, so that it doesn't all get ripe at once), as well as the seedlings - tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers.  Peas, greens, radishes, potatoes, spinach and onions are up.  The other root crops - red beets, carrots and parsnips are still not doing much.  Things are coming together!

The rest of the weekend passed in a flash.  L and I went on a field trip with some others from her cyber school on Friday to nearby Laurel Caverns.  It was an enjoyable trip.

Limestone Formations at Laurel Caverns

Someone gave JP another huge bag full of morels.

Fresh Morels

We celebrated my Dad's recent birthday on Friday night with a mushroom fry (2 big platters of fried morels) and home made cherry pie.

The remainder of the morels, we dried.  Hopefully we will be able to enjoy these later.

Dried Morels

Saturday morning, we attended a seminar given by the Apiarist who keeps 2 hives near our garden.  I had invited along a bunch of our friends with children, and a handful of them were able to make it.  It was fascinating, especially when he opened up a hive and let us all take a peek.

J all suited up for bee watching

Searching for the Queen Bee (the one with the crown)

L and her friend E looking at a tray of bees with the Apiarist

That evening, we attended a cook out at a friend's farm.  L found a horse to ride off into the sunset upon.

On Sunday, we all rode our bikes in the parking lot at the Elementary school.  JP and J rode their new bikes, and L graduated to J's old bike.  My bike was unchanged, except for the kick-stand that JP added for me.

That evening, we had a quick and unexpected visit from one of JP's cousins.  Afterward, we were finally able to collapse together on the couch and read "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

And now, it's the beginning of another week.  L and I are still working on school work at 3:15 this afternoon, because we took some time off this morning to have a tea party with my grandma before she headed back home, and we planted 2 beds of corn after lunch.  It is supposed to rain tonight, so we were hoping it would get watered well.

Life keeps rolling right along.  Thanks to the love and emotional support of many of my friends and relatives, I made it through last week without a mental break down.  There are several "extras" on the calendar this week, but I think they are do-able.  I made it through the weekend, the crazy, crazy weekend, yelling only once.  (I stopped myself in the middle, so I'm not even counting it.)  That makes 4 days with no yelling!  Hooray!

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