Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mama Hen Update #4 - The Blob

Mama remains quite contented in her new Baby Hotel.  She panicked a bit this morning when I threw corn to the rest of the flock...she ran around flapping and pecking and trying desperately to get out.  I have been pouring a little bit of corn just outside of her nest box where she can reach it without getting up, but that didn't seem to satisfy her this morning.

I candled the eggs again tonight.  We finally had a warm night so I didn't have to worry about leaving the eggs out for a few minutes.  All of the eggs (with the exception of the same one that I questioned last time) were entirely filled with a dark blob, leaving a tiny sliver of light through at one end.  Since it is now day 18 of incubation, I'm assuming that blob is the chick.

Friday is day 21, so by this weekend we should have some new peeps!

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