Friday, May 17, 2013

Mama Hen Update #1 - Bad Eggs

Mama Hen is still setting on her nest on Day #6.  We keep finding a couple of new eggs there every day when some other hen sneaks in and lays a fresh egg while Mama is out on a coffee break.  Thank goodness that I numbered them so that we can tell the old from the new!

I snuck out tonight with my flashlight on dim and discovered that Mama was only sitting on 10 eggs, instead of the original 13.  Hmmm.  A quick peak into the coop revealed #6 and #4 abandoned on the floor.  Does this mean they are bad eggs, or were they accidentally knocked out in a fight over nest ownership?  One has mysteriously disappeared.

I brought them in and candled them in my dark closet with an LED flashlight, and did not see anything that even resembled veins.  We are going to take precautions and dispose of them deep in the woods, so that we don't accidentally have a Templeton sort of mishap with a rotten egg later on.

15 days to go until we learn whether Mama Hen will have some peeps this summer, stay tuned!

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