Monday, May 13, 2013

Blew a Gasket

My dad was using the splitter yesterday to split firewood, when it blew a gasket on the oil filter.  He was sprayed all over with oil.  "I'm glad I was wearing safety glasses!"  he remarked.

When I blew a gasket this afternoon, safety glasses wouldn't have been sufficient.  I exploded and yelled, and sent red, hot, burning lava flying across the room.  A full body asbestos suit would have been more appropriate.

What could have caused this reaction, you might ask?  Art.

I've mentioned before that I really like the curriculum that we have been using for the past 5 years in Cyber School, especially History, Science and Art.  I haven't mentioned, however, that the girls DON'T like the Art.  I really think it's put together well, and starting in Kindergarten, the girls were taught Art History, about well known artists, and about various art techniques.  Some of the projects are kind of hokey, but for the most part, they seemed fairly simple, and pretty fun.  For some reason, both girls developed an instant dislike to doing a project the way it was instructed, instead of doing their own thing.  Most of the time, if the their technique would not distract from the lesson, I gave them some freedom.  I heard complaints about the EXACT SAME projects from both girls, and for some reason, Art is the very last subject that we finish EVERY YEAR.


L is extremely persistent.  She did NOT want to do the Art project today, which was to draw and color a building in the style of Ancient Greek Architecture, including columns, a frieze and a pediment.  It isn't the most exciting of projects, I agree, but it is simple, and should be quick.  After getting through the first few negative comments ("This is dumb."  "This is boring."  "Why do I have to?"), which were echoes from J's 1st grade year, she moved on to:  "I can't draw a rectangle."  "I can't draw a triangle."  "I don't know how to use a ruler."

By hour number two, it morphed into: "The ruler is broken.  I didn't do it."  "I can't draw steps."  "I can't draw columns."  etc, etc, etc.

I lost it at "The ruler is broken."

Needless to say, the simple, quick Art project is edging into the third hour, which has kept us from accomplishing any thing else this afternoon.  It happens frequently, and it is so, SO frustrating.

Pair that headache with the one where the On Line School crashed about 7 times today, I am ready to be DONE with Cyber School.  DONE.

Now I am so angry with myself.  Why do the little things FEEL so BIG?  Why do those things get under my skin in such a BIG way?  Why don't I have the self control of an adult, when I definitely have the problems of one?  Why?  Why?  Why?

There seem to be no straightforward answers, and changing my fiery short temper is taking a lot of WORK.  The end result will be worth it, so I resolve to be persistent, just like my youngest daughter.

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