Saturday, May 18, 2013

Big Sigh...Done!

While I took the girls and their friend, C, to the Sheep & Fiber Fest today, JP stayed home and rototilled the bottom of the garden for me.  It looks fairly flat, but he told me afterwards that it would have been much, MUCH easier if it had been TRUELY flat!

In town, we watched them shear a sheep and an alpaca, and watched the Border Collies herd sheep and ducks.  (All that calling of "Away to me! Come by me!  That'll do!" put me in mind of one of my favorite movies - "Babe"...I'll have to watch it again one of these days.)  We bought fried oreos and a funnel cake from one of the local doctors, and cold drinks from our friend the "Bee Man."

It was overcast when we arrived home, and I was anxious to get out into the garden before the rain.  Mom, the girls, and I spent probably 3+ hours out there this afternoon, and got EVERYTHING planted!  First, I had to remove this little guy from my storage shed!

Please excuse the terrible cell phone pic...I didn't take
 the time to line up the perfect shot!

I broad forked 2 beds, and planted one with corn, and the other one we planted with tomatoes and peppers.  Mom and the girls planted all of the vine crops:  butternut and acorn squash, zucchini, pumpkin and cucumbers.  The girls and I planted 20 short rows of beans:  bush green beans, wax beans and horticulture beans.  I put the cabbages, broccoli, jalapeno peppers and basil down at the end of the garden, and the girls filled their own little bed with cantaloupe, honeydew, sweet peppers, onions, and other good things.

Over the past week, I weeded around almost all of the fruit trees and berry bushes in the orchard and put compost around them, and did the same for the blue berry bushes in the garden.

There is one empty bed in the garden.  In about a week and a half, I will broad fork it, and plant one last bed of corn.  I like to stagger the plantings so that it doesn't all get ripe at the same time.

This is a HUGE weight off my shoulders...I've been very anxious to get the garden in.  Thanks Mom, J and L, for helping to get it done!

Now I am exhausted!  We are taking the day off tomorrow, and heading to the big city for a baseball game with friends.  Although it sprinkled on us a tiny bit while we were working in the garden, and thundered ominously during dinner, so far it hasn't rained to water all of our plants.  That will probably come tomorrow while we are at the ball game.

And so it goes.

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