Wednesday, May 15, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

After dinner this evening, in the dimming light, I planted my Mother's Day gift of flowers in the flower bed.  The girls sat on the porch swing, chatting.  The dogs cavorted on the lawn.  It was a summer-ish day today - blue skies and temps in the 80's, and we all enjoyed this evening after our chilly weekend and frost the night before that nipped my little tater plants down in the garden.

JP did a bit of Red Neck tree pruning.  A branch was broken most of the way off our big hickory out back in that big blizzard of 2010 that buried us for several days.  It was too far up to reach, even with our extension pruning shears, but it dangled perilously above the hammock for entirely too long.  JP took his 12 gauge shotgun, shot it neatly through twice, and it is now on the brush pile, awaiting some evening when we want to make S'mores.

Once the flowers were all neatly tucked into the soil, I joined the family on the porch swing, and read "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator" until it was too dark to see the words.  Then we came indoors and tucked the girls neatly into their beds. 

I went back outside to put away my flower pots and watering can, and found the night still too lovely to leave behind.  I sat on the veranda, watching Lizzie leap about crazily after moths, and stroking Ernie.  Every now and again a bright tongue of lightening flicked off to the West.  I finally came in when the thunder started to roll.

The rain was brief, but the new flowers got a refreshing drink of water.

The part of my flower bed that didn't get excavated last summer, or trampled by cattle last weekend is looking better than ever.  Here is a peek at the May flowers I have right now:


These Irises came from my Grandma's
flower garden.

More Irises - from the Farmer's Market

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