Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tree House Take II

A month or so ago, JP noticed that the beam supporting the tree house was bowed.

The bowed supporting beam

It worried him significantly, so he removed the ladder, and put the tree house off limits until further notice.

After some internet searching, he found a used, steel I-Beam listed on Craig's List about 45 minutes North.  The price was right, so a couple of weeks ago, we headed off on a Saturday afternoon, pulling the trailer with JP's truck.  It took 4 men to load the 18 foot beast into the trailer (which is only 12 feet long.)

The following day, JP drove it to our Handyman friend's farm, where they cut it into a 12 foot length.

The girls used it for a balance beam to do gymnastics under the garage lean-to for about a week.  Last week, I scrubbed the heck out of it with a wire brush, spray painted the entire thing with Rust Stop, then painted it with Rustoleum Enamel.

Shiny new paint job!

This afternoon, JP and my Dad jacked the tree house up off the supporting beam, and ever-so-carefully replaced it with the I-Beam.

I-Beam in place under the tree house

As soon as the ladder was replaced, the girls scurried up there with an armful of baby dolls each, and haven't been seen since.

Notice L's "bangs", which she
cut herself this afternoon!

Tree house B&B:  back in service.

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