Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

Some warm weather and a little rain over the past week have really caused things to start bursting out all over!  I couldn't help wandering around this afternoon and checking to see what is coming up!

My Hellebores, which are supposed to bloom in
February, finally flowered a couple of weeks
ago...right when the Crocus quit.

Another Hellebore

Daffodils and Hyacinth...the rest of the
flower bed looks pretty bad!

This little forsythia bloomed for the first time this
year! I can't tell you how many times the poor
thing has been run over and otherwise abused.

A peach tree is blooming in the orchard, and most of the other trees are getting leaves. One apple tree, and one cherry tree appear to be dead, and another apple is iffy. I might have to replace a couple of trees this spring.

The Weeping Cherries started blooming the
day before yesterday.  They get more
gorgeous every year!

This is the first year that all 9 of my
ornamental pears made it...and are blooming!

Strawberries in the garden...

No sign of asparagus in the garden yet. Hopefully I'll have more time this weekend to plant some more things out there!

A giant molehill?

The grass is greening up nicely. At some point we need to lay pipe in this giant ditch to run the gray water out into the woods and push the dirt back in. When that pile of dirt was frozen this winter, it worked really well to stop runaway sleds and inner tubes!

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