Monday, April 8, 2013


I made it for an entire week without yelling at my kids, although there were lots of really close moments, where I had to remind myself what I was trying to accomplish over and over again.  Today, despite reminding myself, L did the exact thing that I had told her NOT to do for about the 5th time, and my entire head went up in flames.  We both cried about it.

Now I just have to pick up the pieces and go on...try even harder tomorrow.


The rest of today went fairly well.  J came home with no homework to do because of our state mandated testing looming over the school for the next week and a half.  The whole thing is starting to irritate me.  The school is making a HUGE deal out of the testing:  they have been sending notes home for 2 weeks about getting enough sleep, eating well, getting to school on time, etc, etc during the testing.  Today they had a Pep Rally, where the Principal handed out sugar packets to everyone (I still haven't figured out the significance of that!)  I keep telling J not to worry to much about it, since it is really for testing the teachers and the school, not her individually.  "But you told me that I'm always supposed to do my best!"  she exclaimed.

"Of course.  Always do your best in everything you do.  Just don't lose sleep worrying about these crazy tests."  I told her.  I'm not sure what else to do, although this year, honestly, she seems pretty calm.

At violin and piano lessons (occurring simultaneously about 2 blocks apart) this evening, both girls were commended for excellent work by their instructors.  (Warm fuzzies!)

We had a good weekend too.  It was beautiful on Saturday, so I spent the entire day outside:  hanging out laundry, working in the garden, cleaning out the chicken house, etc.  The girls joined me later on when J was finally feeling better after her stomach virus early Friday morning.  JP stayed in and worked on taxes all day.  I'm pleased to announce that the taxes are in and so are the peas, greens and radishes.

After an all too brief thunder storm on Sunday evening, we saw a rainbow draped over the chicken run.  It was a promise that Spring is here at last.


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