Thursday, April 4, 2013

Load of Bull

Actually, it was steer.  The big difference, I think, is that ours had no cojones.  The load in question was nearly 400 lbs of grass fed, local beef that L and I picked up at the butcher this morning...and we got only a half!  After much rearranging, I was able to fit all of it into the deep freeze downstairs, but not another thing will fit at this point in time.

I now have 2 days down in my no-yelling challenge.  Yesterday I didn't feel quite as good about it.  I didn't technically yell, but it was close - extremely close.  We had a day full of all sorts of extra errands, along with the regular ones.  After arriving home later than expected, and needing to get dinner started, I was faced with children who were reluctant to do chores/homework/practicing, AND learning that one of them did something disobedient that was noted by someone else.  Of course, when confronted, both girls immediately said, "It wasn't me!" That witching hour right there almost did me in.  Luckily JP arrived home just in the nick of time and took over.

Have you ever told your children that whatever they may have done, they will never be punished as much for it as they will be for lying about it?  JP and I have told the girls that more times than I can remember.  I think maybe, just maybe, the true meaning of that hit home with the girls last night.  This time, we had a method of determining exactly who was at fault in the incident.  We sat both girls down and told them that the guilty party will be punished by giving their allowance to the injured party for one month.  If that person does not confess guilt, they will also lose one month of TV or movie watching and computer games.  That did it!  The child in question whispered her confession first to JP, and then to myself.  Later she took her allowance for the week to the victim and apologised.

Whew!  Lesson learned.

In order to maintain a yelling-free home, I need to be more aware of my yelling triggers, one of which has always been the witching hour - that 1 or 2 hour stretch of time between school and when JP gets home from work.  It's a stressful time, with plenty going on, so I need to learn to prepare myself to deal with it graciously, lovingly and QUIETLY.  Lately I have been fixing myself a cup of tea during the witching hour, but frequently I never get to drink it.  The solution perhaps, is to make the tea BEFORE witching hour begins.  That way the caffeine and warm fuzzies can be working their magic internally while the witching goes on all around me.

It's worth a try.

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