Monday, April 29, 2013

Friends in Low Places

After I typed this title, I realized that it sounds bad, but I mean it in the best way possible.  These friends are the ones who get down in the leaf debris in the woods to search out morel mushrooms, and then share them with us.  For dinner tonight, we enjoyed a dozen or more morels, dipped in egg wash, rolled in Ritz cracker crumbs and Parmesan cheese, then browned in butter.  DEEEE-lightful!

Following our dinner, I visited my other friends in low places in the garden - the asparagus, which is popping up all over.  I will need to cut some tomorrow, before it gets too big!

They are several inches taller than they were on Saturday, when I spent hours and hours in low places, getting more and more discouraged.  I sat in the dirt and dug out miles and miles of sorrel and their blasted tentacle like roots.  I ran out of steam with about 50 square feet to go.  Since then, the rain has softened things up, so maybe it will go easier in the next day or two (if I can eke out some time!)

While I was digging this weekend, the girls practiced riding bikes.  We are thinking of going to the beach again this summer, and would like to take our bikes along this time.  L, however, was still using training wheels...mostly because we hadn't taken the time to really work with her without them.  JP spent a lot of time running after her, and holding on to the back of her seat while she wobbled around on the concrete. 

What really worked, and worked as well with J 2 years ago, was sending her down the slope in the yard on the bicycle without training wheels.  The momentum she gained going fast down the hill allowed her to learn to balance, and the grass was a nice, soft place to land when she had trouble stopping.  It only took a couple of trips down the hill before she was zipping around like a pro on her bike.

All the biking this weekend convinced us of 3 things:  1)  J is too big for her bike,  2) L is too big for her bike, and 3)  When JP's bike fell down out of the barn rafters last summer, the wheels got bent out of shape and they no longer go around.  After assessing all the options, we decided that JP and J need new bikes.  L will graduate to J's bike.  Mine is still ok.  Bike shuffling all around is in order.

What better way to usher in a new season of sunshine and warm weather, than on our bikes.  I hope we can ride a lot this summer!

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