Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bedtime Stories

For Christmas, the girls received the entire collection of books by Roald Dahl (probably best known for "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory").  We have been reading through them before bedtime since the first of the year, and just finished up "Danny the Champion of the World."

In the story, one of the characters speaks about their fondness for "toad in the hole" at tea time.  Being unfamiliar with this British specialty, we researched it on-line.  It turns out to be a dish similar to a Yorkshire pudding or a savory Swedish pancake, but with sausages nestled in it.

(What exactly a Yorkshire pudding is proves to be a bit more difficult to describe.  I ate it at home as a child, when my mother would fix it with drippings from a roast beef.  Basically you bake a thin batter made of flour, milk, and eggs at high heat until it puffs up in the middle and the edges get crispy, then you serve it with gravy.  Sounds yummy, right?)

We decided that it was something we needed to try at least once, so I whipped up a "toad in the hole" for dinner tonight.  It was delicious!

Here's the recipe, should you care to try it.  I adapted it from one I found on Allrecipes.

Toad in the Hole

12 oz. breakfast sausage links
4 1/2 t oil (I used bacon fat)
6 eggs
3 c flour
2 c milk
salt & pepper to taste

Melt fat in large cast iron skillet or 9 x 13 metal baking dish under the broiler.  Add sausages and broil for 1-2 minutes until spotty browned.  Meanwhile, whip eggs, then add remaining ingredients and mix well.  Pour batter into pan with oil and sausages, turn oven down to 400*, and bake for about 20 minutes or until the center is puffy and the edges are browned.  Serves 6.

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