Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In the Wee Hours

I woke with a start this morning, having heard the beep of JP's CPAP machine turning off.  It was pitch black...another power outage.

We had warnings of severe storms overnight, dumping 3-8 inches of heavy snow in our area, with the possibilities of the loss of power.  Yesterday afternoon and evening was beautiful - blue skies, sunshine, temperatures in the 40's, so it was extremely easy to blow off all the warnings.  JP was a bit more cautious.  He showered last night...just in case, and wondered if we should fill some buckets with water to be on the safe side.  I talked him out of it.

So, the power shutting off at 4 AM sends some dire messages about the state of things outside, although I never bothered to look.  I had to scrounge around to find a non-cordless telephone to prepare for the inevitable 5 AM call from the School District to cancel classes.

I laid awake worrying.  20 minutes later, L crept upstairs with her tiny flashlight.  "It is VERY dark in my room,"  she whispered.  We found her a little night light, and got her settled.  I worried some more.  The 5 AM phone call came, but it was just for a 2 hour delay.  More worrying.  I must have finally drifted off to sleep, because I woke with another start, thinking that I heard anther beep, then the hum of the refrigerator switching back on.  This time, it was just a dream.  In another few minutes, my clock radio alarm, although the clock was not visible because of the outage, went off.  I figured it was time to face whatever this day had to throw at me.

I took water out to the chickens first thing.  Not a single one was outside, which is very unusual!  On closer inspection, I discovered that their small doorway was drifted shut with snow.  As soon as I dug them out, they piled out through the door like clowns from a tiny car:  1...2...3......20!

The trees were completely covered with snow, and it was still coming down.   Everything was hushed and dim in the early morning light.  Somewhere close by, a bird trilled. 

The power was back on by 11 AM, the sun was out by 3 PM, and most of the concrete on the driveway was not only melted, but dry.  I have survived worse, much worse.  I was imagining those circumstances when I woke so early this moring.  It proved to be completely manageable.  Thank goodness!

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