Saturday, March 2, 2013

Good As New!

Several years ago, I complained to my Mom that JP always wears out the collars of his dress shirts long before the rest of the shirt is ready for the rag bag.  She told me, "Your Aunt would just turn the collars around."

Turn the collars AROUND?  I gave one a try, and it was really pretty simple.  JP could just buy new shirts, but we are inbred with Mennonite thriftiness, and that didn't sit well. 

It was getting necessary to do something about JP's latest set of shirts.  (He has long since worn out both sides of the collars from the first set of shirts.)  So I did the Mennonite thing last night while we watched "War Horse,"  I turned around the collars on 7 of his dress shirts.

They start out looking like this.

I rip the stitching out of the collar portion, turn it around, and pin it in place.
Now the frayed area is in back.

Then I stitch them back together on the sewing machine.
Voila!  Good as new!

Did you notice that all of his shirts are blue?  His side of the closet is filled with blue shirts - a couple of them have a different color pin stripe, and a couple are dark blue.  He wears a light blue button down shirt and khaki dress pants to work.  Every day.  He says it saves him a few minutes deciding what to wear each morning!

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