Wednesday, February 20, 2013


That was J's temperature today...TWICE now!  It's pretty remarkable considering that it hasn't been less than 102* since Friday.  She hasn't had any appetite, has slept a lot, and occasionally complained of stomach pains and sore throat.  I was completely torn by wanting to let things run their course and feeling like I wasn't doing enough to make my child well.  I finally threw in the towel last night and took her to the urgent care clinic in town.  The provider there diagnosed J with ear infections, (although Daddy wasn't convinced.)  I actually took her there instead of to her regular Dr. so that they could run tests at the same time, but they ordered nothing.  So WHATEVER she had might have gotten better on its own, but she had her first dose of antibiotics last night.  This morning, and again this afternoon, her temperature was NORMAL...finally.

I'm completely frazzled.  You would think that some mandatory down time would be restful.  Instead I worried almost constantly about schedules and doctors and make up tests.

Since she was feeling better today, she came along to L's Speech Therapy appointment.  We sat together on the tiny, uncomfortable couch in the Hospital hallway and read for an hour.  After that, we took the van to finally get the alignment was rescheduled from Monday.  We ate lunch while we waited, and read some more.

On the way home, the container of deli olives opened up.  My eco-responsible grocery bag leaked oil all over the back of the van.  While I was cleaning up that mess, I figured I'd just vacuum out the car and clean the hand prints off the inside of the windshield...took longer than I thought.  After I finished that job, I came inside to finish up school with L, only to find that the dog threw up twice while we were away.

So...a few minutes ago, I made a cup of tea and was all ready to sit down to sip it and blog, but I set it down not QUITE on the counter, and spilled most of it.  Another mess to clean up.  Now it's past time to start dinner, so I can't really linger like I'd like to.

Suffice it to say, I am incredibly relieved that J is doing better and is heading back to school tomorrow.  I'm also looking forward to some down time after the girls go to bed tonight.  This time I think I can actually relax.  But we made it through Hump Day, and every one is doing ok.  It will be another weekend before you can say "olive oil."  Thank goodness!

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Kimberly Long Cockroft said...

Oh, dear. I'm glad the time is later there than here and that you are through the day and can finally relax a little.

The smell of olive oil + van=yucky. Now if you'd just taken the pepper grinder out there and anointed it with a fresh sprinkle, then you and JP could have gone out there with a bottle of wine and a fresh loaf of bread, sopped it up a little at a time, and one thing could have led to another. . .

Just another opportunity missed. Sigh. Hope tomorrow is better.