Sunday, January 6, 2013

Plan Q

I decided against attempting the laminate flooring in the tree house on my own, despite the success with the van a few days ago.  I'm glad I made that choice.  We had a lot of difficulty with it.  I appears that the Big Lots flooring is of inferior quality (surprised?) and couple that with the fact that the floor of the tree house is not quite completely flat, it was not lying flat, nor locking together.  After laying a whole box with it not improving, we gave up and returned the remaining unopened boxes to Big Lots, with the plan to buy a remnant of linoleum to put up there.

While at Big Lots, however, we found some bright rugs, and made the snap decision to paint the existing floor, and add a couple of large throw rugs that can be easily removed to shake clean.  They should add some much needed color to the space.  I think we are up to about Plan Q now in our tree house interior decorating.

So...I went up to the tree house to do some MORE painting this morning.  The existing floor is chip board, which I discovered is not easy to paint.  I employed a painting method that some of my West Coast friends stumbled upon (quite literally) to paint their basement stairs a couple of years back.  I call it the W.T.H. (What The Heck) technique, and it involves pouring the paint out on the floor, and swiping it around to fill in all the nooks and crannies.

Here's what things look like now.  Once I get a second coat of paint on the floor, my Dad can install the trim around the windows and door (which is already painted and ready to go.)  Then we can start the REAL decorating.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! the what the heck method works just fine much of the time. I live for Plan Q. . .or R. . .or S. What happens when you get to Plan Z? Do you just start all over again with A or is it AA, etc.?

Love you. I may just lick a shot glass before retiring to bed. Couldn't wait for Martin's birthday.