Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Another 2 hour delay for J this morning because of frigid, below freezing temps.  We don't mind in the least the chance to sleep in a bit.  The girls learned the metric system in cyber school, and when it comes to temperatures, they prefer dealing in Celsius.  It certainly makes more sense than the Fahrenheit system...32* is freezing?  Whaaaaaa?  Consequently we have many of our thermometers set to Celsius up here on the Ridge, and have been seeing numbers of   -9* and below.

All this chilliness, means that I am taking fresh water out to the chickens every couple of hours.  JP has plans to build a chicken water-er that holds 5 gallons, and can also hold an electric de-icer.  We finally got electricity out to the chicken house, but now need to figure out how to support 40 lbs of water in a safe and effective manner.  By the time we come up with something, this deep freeze will likely be a thing of the past.

This morning, the 2 hour delay caused a bit of conflict:  J's classes started at 10 AM, as did L's testing 40 minutes North of here.  I had arranged to shuttle J about 2 miles up the road to catch the bus with a friend this morning, but when we were most of the way down the driveway, she remembered her backpack back up at the house.  By the time we retrieved the backpack, and returned to the bottom of the driveway, the school bus was just coming up the road.  J hopped out of the van, quickly boarded the bus, and saved me several minutes of driving.  Unfortunately, she arrived very early to school, and spent quite a lot of time sitting in the school cafeteria before she was even allowed to go to her classroom.  I'm quite thankful, however, that our timing was impeccable this morning, AND that we don't catch the bus on a regular basis!

L and I made the trip North without any problems.  We are listening to a book on tape called "The Trolls", by Polly Horvath.  It is quite a humorous story about Aunt Sally from Canada, and it makes the trip seem that much shorter.  Since the Outlet Mall was basically across the street from where she was testing, L and I ventured over after she finished up.  She and I seem to share a common dislike for shopping (hooray!), and she asked "Can we go home and finish up my school now?" after the second store.  She also informed me that I was "just wasting your money!"

One of the reasons we went to the Outlets, was because J has been dropping comments recently about Justice.  Not the sense of moral rightness, mind you, but the trendy girls' clothing store.  I was forewarned that the store was "very sparkly", but stepped into Willy Wonka World at Easter time.  Absolutely everything was pastel and sequined or glittery, some clothing even included pastel and sparkly fake fur or feathers.  We found a couple of not too heinous shirts on the sale rack, and received an additional 40% off, so I suppose it was worth the trip.  It made Miss J extremely excited, so yes, it WAS worth the trip for the deeply discounted pastel and lightly sequined shirts.

I have had my fill, after an hour this morning, of Outlet Mall shopping.  I think I'm good for at least the next 2 years.  J may think differently, but L and I will set her straight.

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Kimberly Long Cockroft said...

Ah, yes, Merry loves going into that store. I refuse to accompany her as much of what is there looks like it would rip off your body after one wear--so flimsy. But her grandma took her in and she found a pretty retro, cool blouse that she wore until she outgrew it. At some point Merry will revolt from my idea of what is pretty for young girls :) and then is when the allowance will go to good use.