Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Flowers

For my Birthday, JP got me a pair of Bogs.  I have perfectly functional, ugly black mud boots from WalMart that I have been wearing to tramp out to the chicken enclosure for the past couple of years, and so had resisted the purchase previously.  With the below freezing temperatures this winter, my toes have been pretty chilly in the WalMart boots, and JP finally broke down and gifted me with the Bogs.

They are cute.  And warm.  And they work equally well slogging through mud and puddles as they do sliding through snow and ice.  Lovely.

My girl friends got me new garden clogs, as my old ones sprung a leak last Fall.  I'm looking forward to wearing them all Spring and Summer to straighten out my flower garden that got destroyed last September and grow my veggies in the raised beds.  Fun!

I believe it was February or early March last year, that my Hellebores started blooming.  My Dad was just pondering about tapping the Maples again, since we missed last year.  Could this winter really be nearing the end?

Nah...the temperatures are dropping again, and they are calling for snow flurries over night.  I mustn't get my hopes up yet for Spring - I've still got FEBRUARY to contend with!

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