Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Girl Power

I've been at it again...yes, painting...but it's all done now, though a bit of touch-up may be needed when all is said and done.  I've actually been using tools and FIXING things...and they are actually working!  I'm not saying that my skills are up there with my friend, T, who has renovated homes - how many times now? - but I'm whittling down those little jobs around here that need to GET DONE.

So, the kitchen sink has been leaking for a couple of months.  Nothing terrible, but if water gets left in the sink with the stopper closed, a puddle will accumulate in the cabinet underneath.  This doesn't happen frequently, thus it hasn't been fixed yet.  Finally, after cleaning up below the sink again, I had it, and decided it would only get done if I took care of I did.

Later, as I was showing JP that everything was fixed, I found another puddle under the sink!  My fix-it job was fine, but the OTHER side was now causing a problem!  I bought a new drain yesterday, and installed it last night.  TA DA!  Dry as a bone down there today.

It's pretty empowering, I must say, to try new projects and have them actually WORK!  Now, what else needs fixed around here?

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