Saturday, January 26, 2013

Feeding the Birds

The schools closed 2 hours early yesterday afternoon, because of forecasted snow.  I don't believe it ended up being as severe as they thought, but it was probably best to get everyone home anyway.  I had to scramble to figure a way to get J home...she came to my office, and we drove home together through the falling snow.

It is still coming down, and we have about 6 inches of fine, light snow.  The temperatures have risen to just below freezing today, so the water in the chicken run is still in liquid form several hours later.  JP just informed me that the forecast for Tuesday predicts a high temp of 61*!

I have been enjoying watching the winter birds at our feeders lately.  The cardinals look gorgeous against the snow.  We have lovely blue-grey juncos with creamy breasts, and the tiny chickadees with their black caps.  There have also been many woodpeckers hanging upside down on the suet feeder.  I filled the feeders today, and the birds waited patiently, high in the trees, until I finished.  The snow falling on the lid of the feed bucket was so amazing that I had to snap a pic.

Lately, the chickens have been getting up at the crack of dawn, and heading down the slope to a small shelter that JP built last summer for the pullets.  It is probably 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep, but the roof slopes from 2 feet high at the front, to the ground at the back.  All 20 of them cram themselves in there and hang out...all day.  At dusk, they march back into the chicken barge and arrange themselves on the roosts for the night.  Crazy birds.

I enticed them out with some corn this morning.  The snow came all the way up to their bellies.  They gobbled and purred in a chicken-y way, while Miney the rooster kept a wary eye on me.

Happy snow day everyone...keep warm and dry!


Kimberly Long Cockroft said...

Oh, what lovely photos. I hardly believed the amazing snow one and the chickens made me happy.

Do the girls troop out to the enchanted tree house in the snow? I assume there's a portable heater in it?

Country Girl said...

L is grounded from the tree house until next week, but until that occured, they went out frequently. It stays quite a bit warmer inside than the outside, but not WARM per se. The heater requires an 125 ft extension cord to be dragged out and connected, so only happens in dire circumstances!