Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back on the Treadmill

Well, back to the Elliptical Machine anyway!

After nearly 2 weeks of sleeping until 9:00, eating cookies and chocolates, it's time this morning to head back to the exercise and to school.  When the alarm went off at 6:30 this morning, it was a rude awakening!  J and JP got off to school and work ok, and I actually spent 20 minutes or so on the Elliptical.  When I checked the scale later, I found that I only put on 2 1/2 pounds in the past 2 weeks, fewer than I expected.  Those couple pounds will take a couple of months to come back off though, I reckon.

The slogging through the snow to bring unfrozen water to the chickens was a repeat of every day lately, although I brought it to them a few hours earlier...lucky birds!  I have to change it several times a day when the temps stay below freezing.  What was I thinking?  Why did I want chickens again, remind me?

I did manage to finish the scrap booking by Dec 31st.  Now my desk looks like this:

I'm sure it won't stay like that for long, as it tends to be the dumping zone for anyone coming in through either our front door or from the garage.  However, I will really try to keep it more tidy.

I also gave the girls each a journal for New Year's Day.  I read (in my Family Fun magazine, of course) about a mother who wrote notes back and forth in journals with her daughters, and it became a really special tradition.  I'm merely hoping it will give us a chance to say some things to each other that may be otherwise hard to vocalize.  I'm not sure if this will last either or not, when life gets busy, it seems like it's the newer things that fall first.

While I made a big dent in my list of projects, there are a few things that I did not accomplish in 2012, or even over the Holiday Break:

- I did not yet replace my cell phone after running it through the washing machine, so I'm still not getting texts.  *SIGH*  We are thinking of ditching Verizon altogether and going with Track Phones or something...still trying to get more information.

- I did not get the back hatch of my van fixed, so the door keeps falling down on my head when I'm trying to put bags of groceries in.  We did buy the new lifts, and I did read the instructions, but I haven't decided yet whether or not this is a project that I can tackle myself.  In the meantime, the van now needs a new catalytic converter to the tune of about $1000.  *MORE SIGHING*

- I did not eat all of the Christmas cookies yet, or even make much of a dent in the chocolate...still working on that one!

- I did not have the girls practice their instruments every day during vacation, although I did find that buying Jenna a new violin book made a big difference in her willingness to practice!  I found her a book of Christmas music, and we even played a couple of songs together - she on the violin, and me on the keyboard.

- The tree house is still not finished.  JP and I need to get the flooring put in, and then Dad says he will install the trim, which I have already painted.  It snowed or rained almost every day of the holiday, and JP was reluctant to run extension cords out there for power tools in the wet weather.  I need to read the instructions for installation for that as well, my dad feels that it is something that I could do myself!

There are more things, I'm sure there are, I am just tired of dwelling on my failings.  One more look at that clean desk:

Ahhhh...that's more like it, success and accomplishment!

Here's hoping that you all are off to a splendid start yourselves in 2013!

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