Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pre-Holiday Blahs

Yep, it's going around...and not just the fevers and stomach virus, but the Pre-Holiday Blahs (PHB). 

J is home sick for the second day this week.  Her fever is down now, but her energy and appetite have yet to improve.  JP was feeling pretty iffy when he left for work this morning.  He has requested chicken soup instead of his favorite M Family Tacos tonight.  L had this last week, so knowing my luck, I'll probably be hit on Christmas Eve.

I've spoken to, or emailed 4 of my girl friends in the past 24 hours, and we all seem to be suffering from PHB in various forms.  We all feel overwhelmed and exhausted.  Some of us would like to just skip the Holidays this year, a few would like to just get it over with, and others of us would like to escape to a cozy corner with a good book while the festivities go on in the next room. 

A couple of us have lots of celebrating wrapped up in a handful of days, which adds to the stress.  One friend has two birthday parties, and an anniversary to celebrate just days before the BIG DAY on Dec. 25th.  We have a birthday immediately afterwards.

I always feel an enormous sense of guilt around the holidays - feeling that I haven't done enough, or at least enough of the RIGHT things to make Christmas and L's Birthday special.  I need to lower my expectations.  One of my good friends says she's striving for mediocrity this year.  I think that might actually be achievable for me!

I don't think the problem is that none of us can get in the "Holiday Spirit", but that we really, REALLY need a break!  The school year thus far has been a flurry of activities with sports and clubs and music lessons all around.  Now that winter is nearly here, the viruses have been buzzing around like bees on a warm June day, and kids are falling ill left and right.  It wears on a person; all that practicing and running and homework and nursing and nurturing, and then you add on the shopping and wrapping and cookie baking and card writing and's enough to send anyone over the edge!

So, here's my Christmas wish for all of you:  May your Holiday Break be peaceful and restorative, and may your New Year arrive as a big empty slate so you can start fresh.  And the cure for PHB?  Well, I've found that cocoa with a little shot of Butter Schnapps can be quite rejuvenating once in a while.

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