Sunday, December 2, 2012

Deere Hunting

Saturday morning, my alarm didn't go off, so I got out to the tree house about 20 minutes later than I intended to.  Unfortunately, this is the only Deere that I saw out there:

Does it look broken down?  It is.

This is the excavator that JP arranged to have delivered Friday afternoon so that he and Dad could work this weekend on digging the trench to lay the water pipes and electrical wires for out new outdoor wood burner.  JP went out Friday evening before it got dark to try it out, and one of the treads fell off.  It sat down the hill all weekend, since the rental place had no one available in case of problems.

The girls and I spent the afternoon at the Christmas Parade in town, which was one of the better ones I've been to here.  J left from the parade to see a movie and spend the night with her friend. 

I didn't get another chance to go out hunting this weekend, and probably won't until Wednesday afternoon.  SIGH.

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thrownfree said...

So sad. Where did you rent the excavator from? We had really good experiences with Barry in Prosperity (I think it's called Tool Shed Rental, and his stuff always looked immaculate).

I hate gearing up for a project only to have it put off by something that ought to have been preventable ... or at least fixable.