Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Uneventful Hunting Season

Well, all of the deer safely made it past me for another hunting season.  I went up in the tree house last evening for the last time, and almost had a chance at a doe, but she ran off when I opened the tree house door.

Dad got a button buck though, from his "tree stand" in the cupola of his house.  Consequently, I had the opportunity to field dress my first deer last night.  That is really a nice way of saying "cutting the guts out on the ground in the dark."  I didn't have a problem with it...I cleaned at least half a dozen chickens this Fall, and I know my way around the anatomy pretty well, having worked in General Surgery for 6 or more years...just had a bit of trouble getting the smell off my hands last night.

JP, my intrepid, physician husband, informed me that he would never have done it without wearing gloves.  He purchased Veterinarian grade shoulder length rubber gloves for just such an occasion.  Come to think of it, he was wearing gloves when we did chickens. 

Eh...didn't bother me.  After shampooing my hair, washing dishes, and multiple other scrubs and copious amounts of hand lotion, my hands are finally smelling fresh and clean again, without a trace of deer odor.

So...that was my excitement for the week.  Yay!

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