Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving...A Day of Rest?

Oh was the day of turkey and feasting and being together with family.  I almost forgot, since e sorta skipped it.  JP's family arrived this evening, so we will feast and make merry tomorrow, while the rest of you are having turkey sandwiches.

Today, I cleaned.  The downstairs is spotless, and the girls hung up the Thanksgiving clings on the French doors.  I also cleaned out the Egg Cart'n.  It is not sparkling, but it's pretty good...good enough for peeps, should we get some in the Spring.

The girls ate a picnic lunch up in the tree house.  They ran all around the property with their walkie-talkies, having marvelous adventures.

JP prepared an area under the barn lean-to for a concrete pad to house our new outdoor wood burner.  The concrete truck is coming tomorrow at 8 AM.  We got an estimate from a professional, which was significantly more than we thought we could spend.  We asked another local person to give us an estimate, and he never showed up, or returned our calls.  So, JP and I are pouring concrete tomorrow morning before we cook our turkey, bake the rolls and mash the taters.  Hooray!

It was lovely tonight to sit with everyone and belly laugh while watching Kung Fu Panda (scaDOOOSH!)  I am thankful tonight for the opportunity to just sit and relax, I don't do it often enough.  I'll be even more thankful when the concrete is poured and hardening, and we are sitting down to a huge turkey dinner tomorrow afternoon!

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