Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Report Cards

Today J brought home her first report card.  I was prepared to see a B on it, but I wasn't prepared for the C and D that were printed there in black and white.  Looking further, I noticed X's (signifying "needs improvement in:") next to "Paying attention in class."  and "Following directions."

What the...?  I didn't hear about any of this at the Parent-Teacher Conference last month!

J was about THIS close to getting grounded AND losing her allowance for the next 9 weeks, AND having her Birthday party cancelled! 

In the few seconds that it took me to peruse the report card, I was extremely confused, knowing that I had never seen a test or quiz come home with a grade lower than B (and parents are required to sign and return all of the tests.)  That's when I noticed marks for "Received special assistance in:  Reading and Math," and finally the NAME on the report card, which was NOT J's name!

Imagine how proud J's classmate's mother will be for the few minutes it will take her to realize that the A's and B's and good behavior marks actually belong to someone else's child.

Until I have actual proof tomorrow when the REAL report card comes home, I will continue to assume that I did OK teaching her at home for the past 4 years...and that she still deserves to have that Birthday party!

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Country Girl said...

The REAL report card had all good marks! :-)